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13 Questions We Have For People Who Don’t Like To Share Food

Please help us understand you.

1. "You aren't going to share with me?"

2. "But how can you eat just ONE thing?"

3. "And what if I want to order something that's too big for one person?"

4. "I'll give you some of mine... Fair trade?"

5. "No? But what if I just take a tiny bite?"

6. "Why do you hate me?"

7. "Is this a germ issue? Because I've got my own fork."

8. "What if I don't like what I order? Then will you share?"

9. "What about a fry? I can't have ONE FRY?!"

10. "How much trouble would I be in if I took one without asking?"

11. "Are you being a good example for your future children? Sharing is caring."

12. "You know I'm just waiting for you to look away, right?"

13. "You're the worst... Want to share a dessert?"

Endless appetizers are best enjoyed with friends, and you can't get it anywhere other than TGI Fridays.