14 Things That Sound Way Better Than Going To Work Tomorrow

What if we told you that you could play hooky tomorrow? What would you do tonight? If your answer is “live it up,” you are correct. Let TGI Fridays℠ help you with that!

1. Go to a concert. A late one.

When your friend texts you with an impromptu invite - instead of saying booo, I’ve got work in the morning - say OH YEAH I’M IN.

2. Play some touch football under the lights.

Loser buys the first round.

3. Find a late-night diner.

econn09 / Via instagram.com

It’s 3am, do you know how hungry you are?

4. Go ahead. Get another drink.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via notoriousmic.tumblr.com

Oh, were you thinking about closing your tab? Adorable.

5. Have a moonlit chat by a lake.

Any body of water works, really. ROMANCE!

6. Challenge your friend to a duel. A duel of beef.

Meet at the field of honor at dusk!

7. Get in that photo booth.

repeatx2 / Via instagram.com

Usually you see this thing in the corner of the bar and think, pff - who’d pay for that? Tonight, it’s you. Live a little.

8. Finally conquer that insanely hard video game with the help of your friends.

Combine your efforts, and you will emerge victorious.

9. Finish a game of Monopoly for once in your life.

Once. Just once. Play ‘til the end.

10. Treat yourself to a fancy cocktail.

You deserve it. And you’re not working tomorrow, so bottom’s up.

11. Keep talking about Harry Potter theories.

How do you feel about Snape, really. I mean really.

12. Call an old friend.

Talk for hours. Catch up. You’ve got time.

13. Dance your pants off.

It’s a weekday, so the dance floor is empty. Take advantage!

14. Stay out with friends until you actually hear the bartender say “Last Call.” Then order one last round.

No cell phones allowed, curfew lifted, GO NUTS.

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