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14 Things That Aren’t Lunch (That You Tell Yourself Are)

If you have to even question what you're eating, chances are you're doing it wrong. It's time to stand up, step away from the desk, and head over to TGI Fridays for your lunch break!

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1. The leftover scraps from the big client meeting that cause a riot at the office.


When a single plate of fruit and pastries is divided up between 300 people, it's every employee for him or herself.

8. The string cheese you put in the office fridge last week and forgot about.


Bonus: Everyone in the office loves you again now that you FINALLY TOOK THAT RANCID CHEESE OUT OF THE FRIDGE!

14. That sad, lonely, pale-looking frozen meal that you overcooked in the microwave.

And every time you say to yourself, "It's gonna look JUST like the picture on the box!" But sadly, it never does.

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