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13 Ways To Prepare For That All Night Bar Crawl

Bar crawls are heavenly experiences, but it takes a lot to get your mind and body ready to party. Here are the tasks you need to complete before setting out on your crawl and when you find yourself hungry along the journey throughout your city, stop into a T.G.I.Friday's® for some nourishment.

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12. Think About What Tattoo You'd Get

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Before you inevitably end up at a tattoo parlor at 4 a.m., it’s good to know what you want before going in. Otherwise you’ll end up with a portrait of Elvis inked on your shoulder. And he'll be fat.

13. Grab Something To Eat

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Food helps prevent hangovers. Food with beer in it works even better. So grab a Craft-Beer Cheeseburger at Friday's®. Your taste buds will thank you. So will your head.

Drink responsibly. Always use a designated driver.