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13 Decisions We All Should Make More Often

What do you say we kick that “Better not” voice in our heads to the curb and start living a little? Here’s to giving into whims, checking things off our bucket lists, and making more decisions like these. And when you work up an appetite and a thirst from all the fun, come on in to Friday’s®.

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1. Hiring Strippers For Parties

2. Turning Solos Into Duets

3. Enhancing True Stories By Lying

4. Pimping Our Rides

5. Finally Being Honest With Our Co-workers

6. Taking Our Chances In Vegas

7. Asking For Help When We Need It

8. Telling Our Friends That Their Boyfriends Suck

9. Not Getting Dressed

10. Having Quiet Nights In

11. Declining To Share

12. Admitting The Truth When It's Obvious

13. Helping Ourselves To Seconds


We're always telling ourselves that we "better not" do something. But isn't it about time we start living our lives and saying "why not?" instead? When you're ready to start treating yourself, head on over to T.G.I. Friday's® — where things like second helpings are a must.