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12 Reasons You Deserve A Lunch Break

The word break is what's important here. Say goodbye to the office (just for a bit) and say hello to your awesome lunch at TGI Fridays!

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1. Because your AM commute was less than desirable.

2. Because you (almost) made it through that unbearable meeting this morning.

3. Because instead of replying just to your boss, you hit "reply all."

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4. Because. That. Copy. Machine. Still. Isn't. WORKING.

5. Because your co-workers think they're soooooooooo funny.

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6. Because your computer decided it was done with the day, too...

7. ...and your IT guy was being his typical self about the whole situation.

8. Because you need a little break from the serious office politics.

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9. Because you just found out your deadline isn't next week, it's actually in 20 minutes.

10. Because your boss woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

11. Because any other attempt to turn your day around has failed miserably.

12. Really, you just need a break from being an adult.