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The Best Feherty-isms

If David Feherty were a philosopher, he'd be a pretty damn good one. Here's some of his best advice and takes on life over the years. To hear even more of Feherty's witticisms--not to mention awesome interviews with the best golfers in the sport--check out Feherty, Mondays at 10PM on Golf Channel.

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5. On Demographics:

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"They tell me the Feherty Show is big with women 54 to 74. Great. I finally hit a nerve with women and it turns out to be a hot flash."

6. On Interviewing Celebrities:

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"Barbara Walters likes to start out easy, then get them to cry. I like to cut the cheese and watch their eyes water...Hey, they're still crying! Sort of...

9. On Show Business:

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"I prepare for a show but going into a zen-like trance for several hours. Then I soil myself, followed by a high colonic in a car wash with the top down. Showtime baby!"

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