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16 Ways To Really, Really Annoy A Londoner

Can everyone just be cool, please?

1. Trying to sneakily dump your rubbish because you're too lazy to take it with you.

2. Playing suuuuuuper-loud music.

3. Wearing a huge rucksack at rush hour.

4. Having a large suitcase – anywhere.

5. Barging onto a train without letting people off first.

6. Shuffling.

7. Abruptly stopping still.

8. Asking them to travel outside of Zone 2.

9. Not adhering to proper escalator etiquette.

10. Failing to move down the carriage.

11. Being flummoxed by a ticket machine.

12. Showing a complete disregard for Britain's rich cultural history of queuing.

13. Talking to them about the weather.

14. Talking to them about house prices.

15. Trying to talk to them, full stop.

16. Suggesting that maybe they should think about living elsewhere?

Londoners: Handle with caution!

We can all be a little fragile when faced with the stresses of the big city. So let's help these delicate little flowers out and remember a little courtesy can go a long way. Brought to you by Transport for London.