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12 Reasons The Texas Craft Brew Scene Is Vastly Underrated

The Lone Star State is a beer lover's paradise. Take a trip to Texas and taste the scene for yourself!

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1. Practice makes perfect, and Texas craft breweries have been in business since 1909.

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The Spoetzl Brewery, creator of Shiner Bock, was founded in 1909. It's still independently owned and operated, making it one of the oldest independent breweries in the country.

2. German immigrants brought recipes for old-world Bavarian drafts to Texas. That's craft brew with a pedigree.

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Texans have been brewing beer in small batches since the 1840s, before Texas was a state. These German Texans were also responsible for some of the first lagers brewed in the United States.

3. And Texas is home to some of the most authentic Oktoberfest celebrations you can find outside of Germany.

The two largest are Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas, and Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg, Texas. The festivals are a salute to sausage, German heritage, music, dance, and to BEER.

4. Today, Texas has 96 craft breweries in operation.


That's one brewery for every three Texas counties.

6. The Jester King Brewery is basically heaven on Earth.

Jester King brews farmhouse ales with wild yeast strains that create truly unique taste profiles. The brewery is nestled in the Hill Country outside of Austin. It offers beautiful views of the countryside, live music, a pizza kitchen, and, of course, Jester King's full lineup of ales on tap, plus limited-run draughts.

7. Texas invented the 99-pack of beer.

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The craft brewing company Austin Beerworks sells its Anytime Ale in packs of 99.

It's really, really big. And really, really awesome.

Courtesy of Austin Beerworks / / Facebook: AustinBeerworks / Via


10. Texas also has many excellent brewpubs.

And unlike other states, Texas recently passed legislation that allows brewpubs to sell their beers in bars and retailers. So now more people can taste the incredible beers coming from microbreweries all across the state.

11. And it's important to bring beer to the people, because Texans spend $2.3 billion on craft beer each year.


That's despite being popular among a relatively small percentage of beer drinkers in Texas. This means the craft brew revolution has only BEGUN in the Lone Star State.

Enjoy Texas craft beer to the fullest, and remember to please drink responsibly.