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    • TeumessianFox

      Apparently, in your 20’s, you should stick toastrict diet of material written in the past hundred years which addresses nothing of import. To the wall with deep questions! We have the b-side novels ofashanty-shack critic’s favorite authors-who-can-be-referenced-at-a-party—coated inasmattering of novels you can find onaTarget bookshelf. No, no,Ikid.Ijust wanted to getafeel of what it’s like to be the other comment posters. It’s amusing to watch so many people protest someone expressing passion for novels which THEY didn’t care for. We’re all very proud of you, lords of literary tastes! Behold our prostrated bodies lying in awe before your ability to takeadump on others who are trying to share things which they love.  Jegus bugger nuts.

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