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    Guess We're Wearing Scarves As Tops Now

    Back in the early 2000s, everything passed for fashion — even scarves as tops. Beyoncé tried it. Christina Aguilera defied gravity in one. Now, people like Bella Hadid and Rihanna are making it socially acceptable to wear scarf tops once again. The calendar might read 2019, but, stylistically, it still feels like 2002.

    For Rihanna, the smaller the scarf the better.

    Bella Hadid is clearly a graduate from the Christina Aguilera School of Scarf Tops.

    Rowan Blanchard is here to remind you that the classic scarf top is still a classic.

    If your choices are limited, a bandana is a perfect standby, as Suki Waterhouse knows.

    @sukiwaterhouse / Via Instagram: @sukiwaterhouse

    Beyoncé set the trend in 2000. Eliza Dushku put her spin on it in 2002's The New Guy. And Suki Waterhouse is bringing it back. Now we can all save money on bras.

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