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    Blair Waldorf's Most Iconic Looks

    The Queen of the Upper East Side earned her place as a fashion icon after six seasons of headbands, textured tights, and lady-like silhouettes.

    41. Working Girl

    40. Modern and Chic

    39. Sixties Chic

    38. Making a Deal With the Devil

    37. Classic & Chic

    36. Poolside Perfection

    35. Get Nauti

    34. Eleanor Waldorf Design

    33. Houndstooth and Pink

    32. Solid Separates

    31. Statement Piece

    30. Blair Golightly

    29. Stripes on the Met Steps

    28. Princess Bride

    27. Print Perfect

    26. Quintessential Blair

    25. Fresh Squeezed

    24. All In

    23. HBIC

    22. Blair takes France

    21. Lady in Red

    20. Meet me at the top of the Empire State

    19. Damsel in Dior

    18. Park Avenue Princess

    17. How do you feel about me?

    16. Ruffles for Days

    15. Princess for a Day

    14. Blair's Cinderella moment

    13. Vintage B

    12. NY Prep

    11. Pretty in Pink

    10. Princess Material

    9. An American girl in Paris

    8. Retail Therapy

    7. Easy Rider

    6. Constance Queen

    5. Prom Queen

    4. I Love You, Blair Waldorf

    3. Forget Paris

    2. White Hot

    1. Something Blue