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19 Reasons To Watch The Youngblood Chronicles (Even If You Don't Like Fall Out Boy)

You are what you love, not who loves you.

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1. The Story

Fall Out Boy embarks on an adventure to save rock and roll. The video-film starts with a flashback video with lack of explanation. If this were a movie you'd be all, "WHAT IS HAPPENING?"

2. 2 Chainz

This might not be a plus for some, but he's hilarious. A little known fact is that he produced My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark . Plus, he's a maniacal hip-hop fire wielding mad man, and who doesn't love that!?

3. Patrick Stump's Acting

The lead singer of Fall Out Boy's got some chops! As an acting BFA student myself I can appreciate the effort he put in. He's got a great arc and really, its fun to watch. OSCAR OSCAR OSCAR!

4. Laughable Pete Wentz Moments

There has to be a but of the joke, and in this case it's Pete Wentz, from scaring pageant children to releasing a Phoenix into the air. Pete's acting's not as smooth or as believable as Stump's, but you can get a good chuckle out of it. #emoisover

5. Badass Evil Children

There's a group of rag tag kids working for the enemy here, and they are terrifying. They chase FOB all over the place, and ultimately are bested by none other than....

6. Big Sean

Dude shows up for one verse in the Mighty Fall installment of the Youngblood Chronicles, but makes his first appearance as a cryptic looker on in Where Did The Party Go. A fun cameo.

7. Courtney Love

Love appears in this video-film as evil incarnate. Head of a vigilante group that seems to be destroying music, her opus occurs in Rat a Tat Tat. And man is she a badass.

8. Tommy Lee (of Motley Crue) Plays The Devil

Now, as actual evil incarnate, we find Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. He's a badass Anti-Christ who feeds his subjects drugs, alcohol and women as penance. Huh. If hell was like this, maybe we'd like to go there. You can catch him in Death Valley

9. Stunning Visuals

Directed by Adam Donald, The Youngblood Chronicles looks amazing. Really, its visually stunning. If you're a sucker for good cinematography and quirky camera angles this may tickle your fancy.

11. Foxes is an Evil Demon Too!

The EDM songstress makes her big appearance in one of my favorite songs Just One Yesterday She's driving a cool retro-pick-up truck and we think she's pretty cool. Just you wait.


Yeah, you heard me. The great singer/songwriter/pianist/fabulous king of shade Elton John plays GOD himself! Check him in the last installment for the title track Save Rock and Roll

13. It's Inspiring

Even if you don't like Fall Out Boy, you can get with their lyrics. The whole thing is really about sticking to your guns and believing in yourself. Check yourself before you wreck youself homies.

15. It's Suspenseful

Seriously, we've got some horror movie quality suspense happening. Waiting for all of these to come out every other month was literal hell. Come on FOB, throw us a bone!

18. It Proves That Fall Out Boy Is Here To Stay

F THE HATERS YO! This was a great idea, cool story structure, fun for the fans and great to introduce to new ones. Save Rock and Roll may not be for everyone, but The Youngblood Chronicles definitely is.

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