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    The 10 Best Recurring Jokes On "Arrested Development"

    Yes, "never nude" is on the list.

    Like any family, the Bluth family has its own set of idiosyncrasies and inside jokes that can be a little alienating to outsiders. Now some devoted Arrested Development fans have compiled an interactive guide to all 76 recurring jokes in the first three seasons of the show, in preparation of the release of the fourth season on Netflix on May 26.

    Recurring Developments lists every joke and every episode it which it appeared, and the reverse — each episode, complete with a list of every recurring joke that appears in it.

    Credit for the concept goes to Chris Doty, creative strategist at the research and design company Beutler Ink. In November, Doty and his colleagues started populating a database of jokes and episodes. They had a little experience with this sort of thing — Doty's boss, William Beutler, is the creator of Infinite Atlas, an interactive map to every location mentioned in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest.

    Recurring Developments is complete, but still a work in progress, Beutler says. "All of us will be watching our Netflix queues. I'm sure we'll watch through the first time just to enjoy it, but we'll be thinking in the back of our minds about the jokes."

    He adds: "We will be looking to update it as soon as we can."

    1. Tobias' Sexuality

    Referenced in 40 episodes.

    2. I’ve made a huge mistake

    Referenced in 10 episodes.

    3. Banners

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    4. Nevernude

    Reference in 10 episodes.

    5. Buster’s Hand

    Referenced in five episodes.

    6. J. Walter Weatherman

    Referenced in four episodes.

    7. Cloudmir Vodka

    8. C'mon!

    Referenced in 10 episodes.

    9. No Touching!

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    10. Marry me!