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    8 YouTube Channels You Might Actually Pay To Watch

    YouTube recently announced subscription-based channels, and you probably won't want to pay for most of them. But for a channel dedicated to '90s cartoons, or for The Rap Battle Network, you just might.

    On Thursday, YouTube announced in a blog post that they would be rolling out a slate of subscription-based channels — ones you'll have to pay for. Rumors of this announcement were swirling earlier in the week, which raised the question of whether people would actually pay to watch YouTube. The overwhelming response was: nope. Not gonna do it.

    But now the 53 channels have been announced — and yes, a lot of them are generic, market-tested fare like Pets TV, Recipe TV and Cars TV. But! But! A handful of the channels actually look pretty awesome too! Here are eight channels that you might actually pay money to watch.

    If you love 90s cartoons...

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    DHX Retro, $4.99 per month

    DHX Retro is like the BuzzFeed Rewind of paid YouTube channels. There is so much nostalgic cartoon goodness: Inspector Gadget, Super Mario Brothers, Sabrina The Animated Series, Archie's Weird Mysteries, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legends of Zelda, Paddington Bear.

    If you're obsessed with British television...

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    Acorn TV, $4.99 per month

    I would pay just for Upstairs Downstairs (Downton Abbey of the 1970s) and to watch Helen Mirren in the 90s detective series Prime Suspect, but The Forsyte Saga — and the thought of Damian Lewis speaking with native accent — really seal the deal.

    If you're a gun nut...

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    Personal Defense Network, $4.99 per month

    To be fair, the Personal Defense Network is not just about guns — it's also about knives, and hand-to-hand combat techniques, and tips about how to handle yourself if you're ever mugged — but it's mostly about guns.

    If you are craving LGBT programing...

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    Here TV, $7.99 per month

    Here TV has the heftiest price tag of any of YouTube's paid channels, but it also has the most robust offering — scripted dramas, comedies, reality series and talk shows.

    If you really want to up your golf game...

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    PGA Digital Golf Academy, $4.99 per month

    The Digital Golf Academy is exactly what you would imagine it would be: hours of tips on pitching, chipping, putting, reading the green and getting out of the sand trap as told by the pros at PGA of America.

    ...Cause it's dope

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    The Rap Battle Network, $2.99 per month


    If you'd like to learn how to craft an elegant bedside table...

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    Woodworkers Guild Of America Premium, $4.99 per month

    ...And not just a bedside table — Woodworkers premium can teach you how to make a knife block, a pizza peel, a flag case, a round stool, a baseball bat, a barbecue cart... the list goes on and on.

    If you need to fix your hog...

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    Fix My Hog Premium, $6.99 per month

    Cause when your hog needs fixin' it's helpful to have an instructional video to will walk you through the necessary steps one-by-one.

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