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13 Fun Facts About Horror Movies

Prepare to be mind blown.

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4. Michael Meyers' mask in Halloween is a Captain Kirk Mask

The budget for the original Halloween movie was so low they painted a William Shatner mask from the dollar store, all the actors also wore their own clothes.

12. There are 13 different Horror subgenres

1.) Splatter - depends on graphic violence and gore (e.g Saw, Hostel)

2.) Body Horror - body disfigurements such as mutilation and deformities (e.g VHS, Silent Hill)

3.) Holiday Horror - holiday themed horror (e.g Krampus, Gremlins)

4.) Sci-fi Horror - monsters and aliens (e.g Apollo 18, Alien)

5.) Slasher - killer on the loose (e.g Scream, Halloween, Friday The 13th)

6.) Action Horror - more action oriented narrative (e.g Resident Evil)

7.) Psychological Horror - focuses on the mind of characters and mental conflicts (e.g The Gift, The Visit)

8.) Comedy Horror - mixes comedy and horror (e.g Shaun Of The Dead, Zombieland)

9.) Gothic Horror - mysterious atmospheres and disturbing imagery (e.g Nosferatu, The Woman In Black)

10.) Natural Horror - creatures of nature such as animals and plants (e.g Jaws, Piranha)

11.) Zombie Horror - pretty self explanatory (e.g Dawn Of The Dead, 28 Days Later)

12.) Horror Drama - characters dealing with emotional struggles (e.g The Babadook, Let The Right One In)

13.) Supernatural/Paranormal Horror - weird entities and ghosts and such (e.g Paranormal Activity, The Grudge)

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