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What's The Most Unexpectedly Bad Scene From An Otherwise Oscar-Worthy Movie?

The nude sketch scene from Titanic did not deserve an Oscar.

All movies have their flaws, even really incredible movies. We want to know the most cringeworthy, out-of-place, or just plain bad scene from an otherwise incredible movie.

Paramount Pictures

Maybe that scene after Elizabeth and Darcy are married in Pride & Prejudice makes you squirm because of how uncharacteristically sappy they act.

Elizabeth and Mister Darcy sitting
Focus Features

Perhaps you think Diana's big fight with an armored and bulked-up Ares in Wonder Woman seems out of place after it was just revealed that the reasons behind humanity's wars are more complex than just one god's interference.

Ares creating eye holes in his helmet with his hands
Warner Bros.

Or maybe you hate the psychiatrist's scene at the end of Psycho because it explains the whole mystery of the movie in a clunky and boring way.

Psychiatrist saying, "He tried to be his mother"
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So comment below with the worst scenes from the best movies! The best submissions will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.