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22 Hot Takes About Taylor Swift's "Midnights" That Will Either Make You Think Or Drive You Into A Rage

"I don’t necessarily wish Lana Del Ray had a verse on 'Snow on the Beach.'"

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Taylor Swift's latest album Midnights has already broken records and won our hearts. But we recently asked the BuzzFeed Community if they had any unpopular opinions to share. Here are the results:

1. "'Bigger Than the Whole Sky' should have been the final track on the album."

"That 'goodbye, goodbye, goodbye' gives me such chills, and the song would have left you with this sense of longing for one of those sleepless yet serendipitous late nights we have from time to time."


"I think 'Bigger Than the Whole Sky' deserved to be on the main album rather than a 3 a.m. track."


close up of taylor with her eyes closed

2. "The actual music and lyrics do not match the style and vibe she originally promoted (with the retro and vintage photoshoot)."


"The way it was promoted made it seem like a more indie vibe, and it wasn’t indie. Which is fine, but it was misleading, to say the least. I still have a few songs on it I like, but overall, I’m not into it."


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"I was definitely expecting more emotional hard hitters/slower songs given the promotional stuff."


"The album cover and promo art made it seem like the album would sound more like 'Sweet Nothing.' I don't really listen to her regularly, the art pulled me in. The album is fine, just not what I expected."


3. "My biggest complaint is that Lana, who is supposedly 'featured' on Snow on the Beach, only did background vocals."

"She should’ve had her own verse. That would’ve been rad."


4. On the other hand, "I loved 'Snow on the Beach.' And I don’t necessarily wish Lana Del Ray had a verse."

"For me, I can clearly hear her voice, her ideas, and her writing in the song. It’s such a beautiful song, and it’s clear that they’ve worked on it together. It sucks that because so many people wished it was more than it is, they can’t enjoy it. But the worst part for me is when they get mad at Taylor for 'only giving backing vocals to women.' If Lana wanted a verse, she would’ve gotten one. I firmly believe that it was a creative decision they took together, and it was the right one because the song is ethereal perfection."


5. "I still have no idea what 'Question...?' is about, and it's very very annoying because I WANT to like it but the vagueness is off-putting for a Taylor Swift song."


6. "The album should have had twelve tracks, given that midnight strikes at twelve."

"I know that 13 is her special number, but with the whole clock theme, it would have worked better."


taylor swift suspended in air sitting on clock

7. "'Hits Different' should have been on the main album and not a Target exclusive."


8. "Taylor has done lots of songs with great memorable melodies in the past, but seems to have forgotten to do that on this album, in which the lyrics are complex but the sound is forgettable."


"The lyrics were good, but this is musically her worst album. The instrumentals are boring, forgetful, and often very repetitive, and the production is stale and sounds like she's trying too hard to be indie."


taylor at a student desk in a bedroom ready to write

9. "I’m gonna be honest, when she said 'Sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby,' it just felt weird."

"I guess I get what she’s trying to say with it and I’ve heard people's own interpretations of the lyrics, but no matter what she was trying to go for, I feel like there are a million better ways to say it."


10. "I hate 'Vigilante Shit' so much. 😩 It’s not even just that it’s cringy, because a lot of Taylor’s fun lyrics are. I just hate when people try to be hard for no reason."

"I can’t watch another TikTok of someone who’s never done something more bold than double-text a crush lip sync, 'I’m on my vigilante shit.'"


closeup of taylor

11. "It feels like it is not done. Some of the songs are so overproduced and others feel like they are only half there."

"For example: 'Midnight Rain' has that cringe-worthy vocal effect, but 'Vigilante Shit' sounds like they forgot to finish it. I feel like she was trying so hard to make something different that it comes off chaotic rather than new."


"There was too much synth, and I felt her vocals and backing track were both trying to fight for the spotlight, which led to slight clashing."

"Midnights was also really hyped up, so it left me disappointed."


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12. "I heard a lot of hype about 'You’re On Your Own Kid,' and so of course I listened to the whole album. I got to that song, and I was expecting something slower and sappier, and I was honestly disappointed."


13. "I like that Midnights feels like a more toned-down, softer version of Reputation, and that's why I like it way more."

 "Also, the 3 a.m. songs >>>"


taylor in a bath of jewels

14. "'The Great War' is lyrically the best song on Midnights and should've switched places with 'Labyrinth' to be in the main album rather than a 3 a.m. track."


15. "I feel like a lot of the lyrics on Midnights suffered from overflowery language."

"Like she was trying to make more Folklore/Evermore-esque lyrics but overcompensated."


taylor playing piano

16. "'Karma' was honestly disappointing..."

"I thought it was going to have the vibe that 'Vigilante Shit' has."


17. On the other hand, "'Karma' deserved better."

"I see people complaining about it on Reddit and here, but personally, I think it's good, and it is also one of my favorite tracks on the album."


"I think a lot of people just expected it to have more of a Reputation vibe sonically, so they're disappointed they didn't get what they expected."


taylor sitting on a pile of money and holding a burning stack in her hand

18. "The album should have ended with 'Sweet Nothings.' 'Mastermind' is kinda a meh ending."


19. "Most of the cussing feels forced, like she wants to be edgier."


closeup of taylor

20. "3 a.m. > Midnight"


"Some of the bonus tracks were better than the original tracks."


"'The Great War' and 'Bigger Than the Whole Sky' deserved to be on the first part."


21. "'Vigilante Shit' and 'Karma' are super corny."


"'Karma is my boyfriend, karma is a god' is cringier than 'Karma is a cat purring in my lap,' and the whole song is not good."


taylor at a large dinning table

22. "'You're on Your Own Kid' is Taylor's weakest track five of all time."

"She is famous for her heart-wrenching track fives, but this one really didn't hit that emotional gut like her others. It's a fine song, but nowhere near track five-worthy."


And finally, here's one popular opinion: "Idk about y’all, but I loved this album."


taylor opening the door

Got any other unpopular opinions to share about Midnights? Leave them in the comments!

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