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What Is A Tiny Detail From The "Twilight" Movies That Most People Missed?

The book covers showing up in the movies was for the real fans.

The Twilight movies may have a finite total runtime of 10 hours, but there's so much going on in them that you could rewatch them 50 times and always find something new.

Bella searching a crowd of people in robes
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So we want to know your favorite tiny details that most people might have missed when they first watched all five films.

Bella's red eyes after waking up as a vampire
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Like maybe you have to point out Stephenie Meyer in the diner scene every time you watch Twilight.

Stephenie Meyer at a laptop in a diner with Charlie and Bella Swan behind her
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Perhaps you're obsessed with the fact that photographs disappear from Bella's room as she falls deeper into her depression in New Moon.

Bella sitting with three photos behind her, then two, then none
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Or maybe you decided to look up the Rainier beer Charlie seems to love so much, only to realize the brewery was founded in Seattle, a perfect drink choice for a native Washingtonian.

Bella and Charlie Swan sitting on a couch with a can of Rainier beer sitting on a table in front of them
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Let us know in the comments which Twilight Saga detail is your favorite! The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.