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29 TV And Movie Moments That Completely Misunderstood How Hair And Makeup Work

Hollywood writers have no idea what mascara is, and it shows.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most unrealistic hair and makeup moments from TV and movies. Here are the results:

1. When Robin said she wasn't wearing any makeup on How I Met Your Mother, even though she clearly was.

2. When K.C. from K.C. Undercover went undercover as a boy, took off her wig, and suddenly had glam makeup.

3. In Fighting With My Family, when Paige turned black hair into bright blonde hair overnight with just box dye.

4. When Daniel wore heavy film prosthetics and makeup in Mrs. Doubtfire and no one noticed.

Daniel in full makeup and prosthetics

5. When Jody from Center Stage made quick changes involving all-new hair, makeup, and costumes in just a few seconds.

6. When Arthur from Joker used green dye on dark brown hair without any bleach and somehow got visibly green hair.

7. When Katniss from The Hunger Games was fighting for her life in a forest but still had even foundation, flawless under-eyes, mascara, and no chapped lips.

Katniss with visible foundation and blush

8. When Sandra Bullock's character, Malorie, wore eye makeup throughout Bird Box even though she was wearing a blindfold.

9. When Mulan wiped a full face of makeup clean off with just her sleeve in Mulan.

Mulan with half a face of makeup

10. And when she cut through her thick hair with a sword and got a perfectly even long bob.

11. When Black Widow finished a fight in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with no sweat and perfectly unsmudged makeup.

Natasha with visible eyeliner, mascara, and blush

12. When Curtis braided his hair into cornrows every time he did a quick change into his Mr. Terrific superhero suit on Arrow.

13. When Elsa and Anna went to bed in full makeup in Frozen 2.

Elsa and Anna curled up in bed with Elsa wearing visible eyeshadow

14. When Clarke from The 100 woke up from cryogenic sleep with perfect mascara.

Clarke lying down with mascara on

15. When Paolo, a professional hairstylist, tried to force a brush through dry, curly hair in The Princess Diaries.

Paolo brushing Mia's hair

16. When Kate from 2012 wore lipstick the whole movie despite the fact that there was an apocalypse happening.

Kate wearing visible makeup while covered in dirt

17. When Suki dove underwater to save Toph on Avatar: The Last Airbender and emerged with her Kyoshi warrior paint intact.

18. When Elsa pulled out her twisted and braided bun and it magically fell into a loose, long braid in Frozen.

19. When every woman on Lost had perfect brows and mascara while stranded on an island.

Kate with plucked eyebrows, even skin, rosy cheeks, and dark eyelashes

20. When Tess in Burlesque dragged three clean makeup brushes across Ali's face and ended up with a perfect full face of makeup.

21. When Cat from Victorious maintained loud, cherry red hair without any noticeable moments of fading or visible roots.

Cat with cherry red hair

22. When Aurora from Sleeping Beauty woke up with a perfect, full face of makeup.

23. When Typhoon brushed Ron's hair during his haircut with a foiling comb on Parks and Recreation.

Typhoon using a foiling comb to brush

24. When Rose from Titanic wore bold makeup that a woman of her station wouldn't have worn in that time period.

Rose in bold makeup

25. When Gina held the clipper in the wrong direction on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Gina holding the clippers with the tips of the guard against the scalp

26. When the wives in the postapocalyptic world of Mad Max: Fury Road had perfect makeup with heavy bronzer.

Angharad wearing a lot of bronzer and mascara

27. When Peggy on Agent Carter wore a wig all night at a party without a wig cap or pins, without her hair looking flat or messy when she quickly pulled the wig off.

28. When Lara Jean woke up every day with perfect false lashes in the To All the Boys movies.

Lara Jean in bed with long, dark eyelashes

29. And finally, when Aria buried her face in Ezra's shirt on Pretty Little Liars without being the least bit worried about getting foundation on him.

Did we miss an unrealistic hair or makeup moment? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.