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22 Times Tumblr Managed To Really Understand The Experiences Of Women

You know a TV show was written by a man when they call a $36 bra expensive.

1. Wondering if you have RBF even though RBF isn't even a thing:

2. Getting sent into a past life just from carrying a basket:

3. Having a conversation with a man that turns into a debate for no reason:

4. Trying to stop street harassment with the power of wishful thinking:

5. Constantly hearing about how girls are apparently obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes:

6. Getting creepy messages like this for no reason:

7. Hearing things like, "I like a girl with an appetite":

8. Having ~quality~ representation like this:

9. Knowing exactly where this is going:

10. Watching something and immediately knowing a man wrote it:

11. Feeling some type of way about Gone Girl:

12. Being congratulated for reading because apparently most women are illiterate:

13. Deeply understanding this situation and these faces:

14. Recognizing "the look":

15. Feeling relieved when you meet a guy who's willing to look stupid:

16. Hearing this argument all the time:

17. Wondering often if dying or cutting your hair will fix your problems:

18. Knowing a guy like this:

19. Trying every possible way to signal that you're not interested in conversation:

20. Worrying people will think you're messy because your nail polish is chipping before realizing half the guys you know don't even wash their hands:

21. Knowing how good and pure interactions with drunk girls are, especially in the bathroom:

22. And kind of wishing you were an ancient oracle so you'd be left alone but still respected: