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    25 Times Tumblr Perfectly Understood The Weirdness Of Adulthood

    Google is your most valuable resource.

    For most of us, turning 18 means suddenly being forced into the world of adulthood, where everything is made up and the points don't matter.


    The reality is that none of us actually know what we're doing, and these Tumblr posts perfectly encapsulate the hilarious reality of being technically an adult.

    1. Having no one to reward you for doing chores, so you have to reward yourself:

    shanagement / Tumblr / Via

    2. Having strong opinions about the weather:

    hgwhgwhgwhghwghwg / Tumblr / Via

    3. Cutting yourself off before you eat a whole pound of spaghetti:

    flumpp / Tumblr / Via

    4. Chopping onions very fast:

    warvariations / Tumblr / Via

    5. Checking off this exact list:

    oeuniverse / Tumblr / Via

    6. Worrying a call from an unknown number might be important, but knowing deep down it's probably just spam:

    mishacolins / Tumblr / Via

    7. Moving your bed away from the corner as a rite of passage:

    arcampbell94 / Tumblr / Via

    8. Going on "adult websites":

    joroakeu / Tumblr / Via

    9. Still having an immature sense of humor:

    indecentdrawer / Tumblr / Via

    10. Knowing that nothing stands between you and a stomach ache:

    leftboob-enthusiast / Tumblr / Via

    11. Forever chasing the thrill of a Lunchable:

    pancakeke / Tumblr / Via

    12. Reading this and shouting “AUGH MY LAUNDRY”:

    bannock-and-biopolitics / Tumblr / Via

    13. Saving a dollar in the name of responsibility:

    captainsnoop / Tumblr / Via

    14. Setting a date to hang out with friends months ahead of time:

    alwayssadaboutfreelancers / Tumblr / Via

    15. Finding a clean shirt and pushing laundry day to tomorrow:

    partybarackisinthehousetonight / Tumblr / Via

    16. Jamming out to your old mix CDs:

    egberts / Tumblr / Via

    17. Explaining to kids that you're an adult, but not like an ADULT adult:

    ninfia / Tumblr / Via

    18. Finally understanding your aunt's beef with your grandma:

    mainmanblackdynamite / Tumblr / Via

    19. Hating yourself for writing formal emails:

    sappharah / Tumblr / Via

    20. Learning that cooking is just making stuff up as you go:

    captainsnoop / Tumblr / Via

    21. Realizing your mom was right to be so mad when you forgot to take the chicken out:

    imsoshive / Tumblr / Via

    22. Cheering yourself up by remembering that you'll never have gym class again:

    ironicallyxspiders / Tumblr / Via

    23. Occasionally wishing you had a little less independence:

    sirdef / Tumblr / Via

    24. Learning how to prioritize because there is always something to do:

    foundbysara / Tumblr / Via

    25. And finally, feeling this post deep in your soul:

    partybarackisinthehousetonight / Tumblr / Via

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