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26 Hilarious Mistakes And Misunderstandings That Could Only Be From Tumblr

"Wasn’t iCarly that guy with the wax wings that flew into the sun and got wrecked?"

1. This person who isn't great at math:

megapope / Tumblr / Via

2. These people who luckily aren't brain surgeons:

benepla / Tumblr / Via

3. This person who isn't technically wrong:

naytchgirl / Tumblr / Via

4. This person who got their Hillarys confused:

nearlyvintage / Tumblr / Via

5. This Panic! at the Disco fan:

mindfulwrath / Tumblr / Via

6. This person whose autocorrect put them on blast and another person who just accepted it:

duendealexis / Tumblr / Via

7. This person who was excited to share their log pics:

mega-taiga / Tumblr / Via

8. These people who are all very confused:

totaljenisland / Tumblr / Via

9. This person who has some general advice:

herbwicc / Tumblr / Via

10. This person who thought everyone suffered just to drink orange juice:

shakespork / Tumblr / Via

11. Murphy, who's a bit of a mess:

tonedeafparrot / Tumblr / Via

12. These people who managed to put 22 words together, none of which make any sense:

xenosagaepisodeone / Tumblr / Via

13. This person who didn't realize that portable lights exist:

14. This person who just accepted that someone doesn't find the concept of emotion interesting:

griffinmcelroyspisskink / Tumblr / Via

15. This person who assumed a dramatic gesture of love was just a friend thing:

trashpits / Tumblr / Via

16. This person who knows a lot about malls:

abandonedandurbex / Tumblr / Via

17. This person who should have used punctuation and another person who should have realized the truth sooner:

cindersart / Tumblr / Via

18. These people who aren't exactly bird experts:

thecutestcatever / Tumblr / Via

19. This person who didn't know the answer but decided to try anyway:

moleshow / Tumblr / Via

20. This person who really understands chakras:

marvelobsessions / Tumblr / Via

21. This person who will never be fooled by multilevel marketing:

3minutesofplaytime / Tumblr / Via

22. This person who was willing to accept a lot from worms:

sportmuscles / Tumblr / Via

23. This person who's great at etymology:

s / Tumblr / Via

24. This person who has never seen anyone make coffee:

slimetony / Tumblr / Via

25. This person who thought this said... Well, you know:

naztharune / Tumblr / Via

26. And finally, everyone involved in this mess:

gloomyteens / Tumblr / Via

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