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    12 Times The Rest Of The World Poked Fun At Americans And 9 Times Americans Got Them Back

    Nothing makes an American feel more patriotic that when a British person makes fun of the US.

    All countries have their differences, but America in particular gets a lot of teasing from the rest of the world for our particular brand of strangeness. Here are some of the things non-Americans (maybe rightfully) make fun of us for:

    1. The way Americans think our experiences are universal:

    2. The existence of the state of Texas:

    3. The encroachment of the Fourth of July upon Canada Day:

    4. The use of Fahrenheit:

    5. The multiple time zones:

    6. This stereotype that I can't even be angry about when it's phrased like this:

    7. Our obsessions with Bigfoot and highway exits:

    8. The way the rest of the world treats our geography:

    9. The Pledge:

    10. Our obsession with driving:

    11. The snacks we miss out on:

    12. The way we put our own spin on games:

    Now, to be fair, here are some times Americans flipped the script and dunked on other countries (but mostly England because we hold a grudge):

    13. This hazelnoot roast:

    14. This person weaponizing their ignorance to put Canadians in their place:

    15. This roadtrip flex:

    16. This candy fight:

    17. This reminder that "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" makes a lot less sense outside of America:

    (In many non-American countries, lemonade refers to lemon-lime soda like Sprite.)

    18. This winning argument for who's doing biscuits right:

    19. This argument that probably wasn't worth getting worked up over:

    20. This confusion that really shouldn't be confusing:

    21. And finally, these lists of some inaccurate and some accurate stereotypes: