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    24 "Thor: Ragnarok" Tumblr Posts That Are Almost As Good As The Movie

    Loki faked his death just to hire Matt Damon and build a statue of himself.

    1. This Loki analysis that can really change your perspective on the other movies he's in:

    2. This iconic sibling dynamic:

    3. This implication:

    4. This interesting revelation:

    5. These tense interactions that definitely happened after Hela was imprisoned:

    6. This strange fact that changes things a bit:

    7. This interaction that needs to be filmed immediately:

    8. This Heimdall appreciation post:

    9. This edit that could be a literal scene from the movie:

    10. This reminder of what Ragnarok did to fix all the plot holes of the MCU:

    11. This scale that goes from existential crisis to absolute glee:

    12. This scene that Ragnarok set up but Infinity War and Endgame cheated us out of:

    13. This potential scene that reminds us all how great the Grandmaster is:

    14. This scene that almost actually existed:

    15. These very good tidbits from the original Ragnarok script:

    16. This analysis of Dark World after seeing Ragnarok:

    17. This key part of Thor's personality:

    18. This chart that somehow makes a lot of sense:

    19. This absolutely unhinged commentary from Taika Waititi:

    20. This moment I wish I could go back and relive:

    21. This summary of every scene between Thor and Hulk:

    22. This reminder that I've decided not to think about too much:

    23. This summary of exactly how Odin's death went down:

    24. This joke from Taika Waititi's commentary that in itself is a cinematic masterpiece: