Swifties Are Fighting For Their Lives In This Eras Tour Presale, But The Tweets Are Hilarious

    At this rate, I will get Taylor Swift tickets by 2025.

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    In case you didn't hear, Taylor Swift is going on a stadium tour called the Eras tour. Considering how big the debut of her most recent album, Midnights, was and the fact that she hasn't gone on tour since 2018, it's safe to say that the ticket demand is through the roof.

    Taylor ended up adding shows in response to the demand, AND only a select group of fans were invited to the Nov. 15 Verified Fan Presale. But that did not stop the chaos.

    TaylorSwiftTix Presale powered by Verified Fan is happening Tuesday. Anyone invited to participate in the presale will also have access to purchase the added event(s) within their selected market. Here’s what to know to get ready to grab @taylorswift13 tickets:

    Twitter: @Ticketmaster

    Even before the presale started in the Eastern Time Zone, people were reporting problems. There have been long wait times, paused queues, error pages, and codes that don't work. Ticketmaster, who's in charge of ticketing for most of the shows, is trying to respond to these issues and delay other presales at the same time.

    Twitter: @Ticketmaster
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    I'm literally in the presale queue as I write this, so I've gathered the funniest tweets about this whole situation for your (and my) enjoyment.


    what is joe biden’s plan to unpause the ticketmaster queue for taylor swift’s eras tour

    Twitter: @slutforfeelings


    live footage of ticketmaster deciding who does and doesn’t get presale

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show / Twitter: @BetttysCardigan


    taylor swift walking onto stage with no one in the audience, because that ticketmaster queue never did move.

    Twitter: @thisismenotryin


    Being stuck in the ticketmaster queue really has you wondering how different your life you be if you never listened to Our Song on the radio in 2006 that one time

    Twitter: @avesstwt


    8 billion people in the world and every single one of them is ahead of me in the taylor swift ticketmaster queue apparently

    Twitter: @HereComesShawty


    ticketmaster is like “we’re sorry about all the technical problems, this demand was unexpected” as if taylor swift isn’t one of the biggest artists in the galaxy

    Twitter: @enchantedjess13


    when you're trying to get taylor swift tix but ticketmaster keeps crashing

    Twitter: @mplevz


    Taylor with the only 3 people who got to buy tickets to the eras tour thanks to Ticketmaster

    Twitter: @swiftsjewel


    Me waiting in the paused Taylor Swift Ticketmaster queue for OVER AN HOUR:

    BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images / Twitter: @Laurparkerr


    taylor rn watching millions of dollars roll into her bank account while her fans fight for their lives on ticketmaster

    Paramount / Twitter: @fearIessummers


    not Ticketmaster saying they weren't ready for this demand... babes you CHOSE how many people got presale codes

    Twitter: @sophboyce4


    can’t believe taylor swift will finish tour before the ticketmaster queue unfreezes



    when taylor swift wrote “the great war” she was actually preparing us for the Battle of Ticketmaster. her mind!

    Twitter: @holy_schnitt


    It’s called the “Eras” tour because if you try to log in to Ticketmaster all you get are era messages

    Twitter: @genethelawyer


    Ticketmaster is my boyfriend, Ticketmaster is a god, Ticketmaster is the breeze in my hair in the weekend, Ticketmaster is a relaxing thought

    Twitter: @skippingdown16


    Republic / Twitter: @moodymirrorball

    Good luck to anyone trying to still get tickets, and happy Hunger Games!

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