People Are Debating Whether Going Swimming Counts As A Shower And I'm Grossed Out

    There's a right answer here, folks.

    Recently, a hot debate has been taking over social media and (probably) tearing families apart: Does swimming in a pool count as taking a bath?

    This tweet, which responded to that question with a hard "no," brought a lot of attention to the issue:

    White people y’all gotta be stopped .... this is disgusting

    Overall, people actually seem to be pretty split on the issue, both anecdotally and according to a CDC study that found that 51% of Americans surveyed admitted to using swimming as an alternative to bathing.

    And some people are *aggressively* in favor of skipping bath time to go swimming.

    In this house we do lazy summers. We do sleeping in, and staying up late. We do “go outside and play” and too much screen time. We do hotdogs, chips, and freeze-pops. Swimming counts as a bath. “Shut the door” is our anthem.

    There's even a name for it.

    I can't.

    To be clear, the CDC strongly recommends showering before swimming in a pool to keep it free of germs. And if other people aren't showering before they swim (or if they're doing things they shouldn't in the pool), you might want to shower after you swim, too.

    However, some people assume that the chlorine in the pool works the same as soap.

    Others, meanwhile, are drawing a hard line: that swimming in a lake does NOT count as a bath.

    Or they say it's okay if it's a private pool. Because family germs don't count.

    Me RN:

    To be fair, a lot of these people are just busy parents who have their plates full and are glad to have one less thing to think about.

    But that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of people really grossed out that this is even a debate.

    But as this comment points out, there are probably worse things than hearing "half of Americans use pools as baths":

    Have you ever counted a dip in the pool as a bath? Sound off in the comments.