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If These 17 Hilarious Halloween Tumblr Posts Don't Get You In The Mood For Spooky Season, I Don't Know What Will

Hasbro, I'm waiting for my emoji-filled Ouija board.

1. This important reminder:

2. This Halloween analysis:

3. This ritual I should start doing before bed:

4. This little play on words that I sort of hate:

5. This unaired Scooby-Doo episode:

6. This incredible opening to a horror story:

7. These stories that are going to haunt me like a possessed doll:

8. This fun costume idea:

9. This Addams Family aspiration:

10. This Mark Ruffalo endorsement:

11. This triple fumble:

12. This exciting, new sleepover game:

13. This witchy vibe I'm trying to manifest:

14. This hot take:

15. This lil' Halloween dance we've all done:

16. This wild party idea:

17. And finally, the costume idea I've been using for my whole life:

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Snoop & Martha's Very Tasty Halloween