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28 Soup Tumblr Posts That Are Somehow Both Super Bizarre And Very Accurate

Unsure if I want to eat soup or I want to be soup.

Tumblr is an interesting site whose users often find very niche obsessions. Somehow, soup is one of them. Here are some examples:

1. This discourse that I'm not ready to deal with:

2. This new slang that I'm hoping catches on:

3. This accurate regression:

4. This soup that serves a very particular demographic:

5. This big mood:

6. This song that I would give a Grammy to if I could:

7. This life goal:

8. This summary of my knowledge of modern art:

9. This memory I forgot I had:

10. This spiritual successor to Forrest Gump:

11. This dictionary example of the differences between canon and alternate universes:

12. This romantic goal:

13. This statement we can all get behind:

14. This quote from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers that I'm pretty sure actually happened:

15. This mode I would like to permanently live in:

16. This intense and surreal argument:

17. This bizarre and upsetting discussion:

18. This assertion that I think we can all get behind:

19. This child who I aspire to be:

20. This reptilian impulse:

21. This multi-use set of images:

22. This statement that resonates in my soul:

23. This statement that'll make you go, "Yeah":

24. This power move from the Germans:

25. This important reminder:

26. This misunderstanding that improves on the original "50 up":

27. This very powerful fact and even more powerful response:

28. Finally, this flex:

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