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    21 "RIP But I'm Different" Memes That Are A Little Rude And A Lot Funny

    "If I was at the Cold War, I simply would have brought some blankets."

    Back in June, the HBO show Chernobyl aired its final episode, and it was all anyone on the internet could talk about. That discussion somehow led to this hilarious exchange between Twitter users @stopitg and @georgenykov:

    The tweets went viral, but now, the phrase "RIP but I'm different" has transcended tweets about Chernobyl and become a meme. Weirdly enough, it works with a lot of topics. Here are some of the best:

    1. It by Stephen King:

    if a clown in a sewer offered me a paper boat i simply would not take it. rip to georgie but im different

    2. Horror movies:

    final girls in horror movies are like rip to everyone who was just murdered but i’m different

    3. The plague:

    4. The Cold War:

    rip to ur whatever the Cold War was about but I’m different💯

    5. Greek mythology:

    6. Harry Potter:

    7. The 2008 recession:

    if i was on wall street during the 2008 recession i wouldve stopped it. rip to ur economy but im different

    8. Personal growth:

    9. More Greek mythology:

    if I were a great greek warrior, I wouldn't let someone shoot me in the foot with an arrow guided by apollo. like rip to achilles but I'm different

    10. Being understood:

    11. "Jolene" by Dolly Parton:

    12. Minecraft:

    if a creeper chased me and blew up, I simply would not take damage rip to minecraft steve but i’m different

    13. Spider-Man:

    Miles: rip peter parker but I’m different

    14. Lord of the Rings:

    15. Christianity:

    16. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand:

    17. Plato's allegory of the cave:

    @bransonreese @jpbrammer rip to plato but i’m different

    18. Genesis:

    @Brittany_broski RIP to Eve but I’m different

    19. Frankenstein:

    20. Tomb Raider:

    21. And, "That's How I Beat Shaq" by Aaron Carter:

    if i were playing a basketball game against a*ron c*arter i would just block him.. rip to shaq but im different