18 Jokes From The Internet That Are So Good, You'll Think About Them All The Time

    BRB, adding "I'm trying my best," to my email signature.

    1. This perfect summary of most days of my life:

    2. This astute genealogy report:

    3. This important mission:

    4. This summary of the last two years for most people:

    5. This motivational mantra:

    6. This way of qualifying the things I say before thinking about them:

    7. This plea:

    8. This line that I'm going to end everything I say with:

    9. This hot take:

    10. This summary of a feeling that otherwise cannot be described:

    11. This fun, little clarification:

    12. This unprompted train of thought that shows a lot of self-awareness:

    13. This series of sentences I will be repeating every time I rewatch She's the Man:

    14. This very eloquent take on a very dumb thing we all do:

    15. This résumé addition:

    16. This perfect answer to someone saying you look good:

    17. This phrase I will be using to describe my attempts at cooking:

    18. And finally, this deep connection humans have across generations: