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What's The Pettiest Revenge You've Ever Gotten?

Forgiveness is great, but sometimes revenge is better.

Most of the time, the best revenge is living well. But every once in a while, the best revenge actually involves an elaborate plan to get the justice you deserve.

So we want you to tell us about the best revenge you've ever gotten.

Maybe your boyfriend cheated on you, so you changed all of his social media passwords and profile pics.

Perhaps your roommate kept throwing away your food, so you decided to hide some food in their room and let it rot.

Or, maybe your sister stole your clothes one too many times, so you moved all of her furniture three inches to the left so she'd keep stubbing her toe.

I want to hear your pettiest revenge story, so comment below! Or, if you want to remain anonymous, use this Google form. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!