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    21 Hidden Movie Details That I Just Discovered And Need To Share

    Every license plate in every Spider-Man movie is an Easter egg.

    1. Young Adam (whose older counterpart is played by Ryan Reynolds) does a "superhero landing" in The Adam Project, a joke that Ryan Reynold's character in Deadpool repeatedly makes.

    2. Buzz Lightyear is backed by an American flag in one part of Toy Story 2, but that was changed to a globe for the international editions.

    3. A license plate during the Doc Ock fight scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home reads "63A5M-3," which is a reference to The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) issue #3 where Doctor Octopus was first introduced.

    4. Monsters in the Monsters, Inc. universe use children's screams rather than electricity, which are in a gaseous state, so switches and cords are replaced with valves and pipes in Monsters University.

    5. Neo and Morpheus sparring in The Matrix forms a yin-yang symbol.

    6. There are some wind turbines and nuclear plants among the trash in Wall-E, a signal that even efforts towards sustainable energy didn't do enough to address the waste problem on Earth.

    7. Django wears the same clothes at the end of Django Unchained that Calvin Candie wore at the beginning of the film.

    8. In Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service, there's a bus advertising "Ghibli Co."

    9. In Despicable Me 3, the country that Gru goes to in order to find his brother is called Freedonia, the fictional setting of the Marx brothers' movie, Duck Soup.

    10. While the real Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian who didn't smoke, Jojo's imaginary Hitler in Jojo Rabbit eats meat and offers him cigarettes, showing how little Jojo actually knows about Hitler beyond propaganda.

    11. The first Star Wars movie's starfighter squadrons were originally going to be red and blue, but because the blue caused problems with the blue special effects screen, it was changed to gold. In tribute, the prequel Rogue One had three squadrons — red, blue, and gold — with all of blue being killed off before the events of A New Hope.

    12. When Frank slips walking out of the restaurant in Scrooged, that was Bill Murray actually slipping by accident on the water he threw earlier in the scene.

    13. Lane intentionally hyperventilates before being submerged in Mission Impossible: Fallout to expel carbon dioxide from his body and prevent the urge to breathe in water.

    Do not try this yourself — it can cause shallow water blackout.

    14. In A Series of Unfortunate Events, Count Olaf saying, "Wait, let me do that one more time," is actually Jim Carrey forgetting his line but staying in character.

    15. You can spot Ryan Reynolds filming a video for Instagram in the background of 6 Underground.

    Here's the whole video:

    16. The audience during Kane's speech in Citizen Kane is actually a still photo, but they poked holes in the photo and put a shifting light behind it to cause the illusion of movement and life.

    17. When Peter B. Parker is electrocuted by Miles in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, his nervous system lights up, which is more scientifically accurate than the skeleton you usually see in cartoons.

    18. In Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin was able to look like he was teetering over a high mezzanine ledge by using a photograph and forced perspective.

    19. The old ladies watching The Truman Show bought the product placement robe that Meryl wears on the show.

    20. In Deadpool 2, Wade notices that a shot came from behind him because of the blood spatter on the camera.

    21. And finally, Gloin wears the same helmet in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies that his son Gimli wore in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    H/T r/MovieDetails