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I'm Convinced No Friendship Could Ever Be Purer Than Oscar Isaac And Pedro Pascal's — Here Are 21 Reasons Why

In a way, Pedro Pascal has won an Oscar.

Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal met in 2005 while performing in a play together, and ever since, we've been blessed with glimpses into their chaotic and loving friendship.

Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac

Here are some of their best moments together:

1. When they rang in the New Year together:

2. When Pedro made his Oscar speech:

I would like to thank the fans. And Guatemala.

Twitter: @pedropascal1

3. When Oscar quickly took credit for Pedro's role in The Mandalorian:

Pedro saying, "Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian," and Oscar saying, "Your welcome, I convinced him to do it"

4. When they lived it up filming their movie Triple Frontier in Hawaii together:

5. I cannot overemphasize how much fun they appeared to have in Hawaii:

6. When Pedro celebrated his "amordemivida" (Translation: LoveOfMyLife) at the premiere of The Rise of Skywalker:

7. When Pedro posted this cute photo of the two of them, but made sure to call Oscar ugly in the caption.

8. When Oscar lovingly celebrated Pedro's career:

Oscar saying, "He's made a career by dying spectacularly," and then "You just got that kind of face, you want to kill it"

9. When Oscar appeared to really enjoy this hug:

10. When Oscar made his feelings on Baby Yoda clear:

Oscar Isaac saying, "I'm not into the Baby Yoda thing," and then, "Kill it!"

11. And when Pedro responded:

Twitter: @PedroPascal1

12. When Pedro posted this photo because I guess they just hang out on Brooklyn rooftops together:

13. When Oscar Isaac's wife, director Elvira Lind, included the hashtag #SisterWives in the caption of this selfie with Pedro:

14. And then when she promised Pedro a "special performance" in the caption of this photo of Oscar giving a shirtless puppet show:

15. When Pedro posted this screenshot of him and Oscar on FaceTime, celebrating Biden's win:

Pedro Pascal facetiming Oscar Isaac and both appearing to be yelling in excitement

16. When Pedro thought of someone who Oscar looks like but was laughing too hard thinking about it to actually say it:

For reference:

17. And when Oscar got him back with his own comparison:

For reference:

18. When Oscar very delicately fed Pedro a bite of rice:

Oscar shoving a spoonful of rice into Pedro's mouth

19. When they had a morning coffee together in Hawaii:

20. When Pedro posted this picture that looks cute until you realize Oscar is eating his ear:

21. And finally, when they handled this interview with maturity and professionalism:

Pedro saying, "He's not very nice, he portrays himself to be very nice," Oscar sticking his finger into his own mouth and then Pedro's ear, and Pedro saying, "And he's literally the only person who has given me a wet willy since I was 14 years old"

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