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Updated on Dec 8, 2019. Posted on Nov 30, 2019

These 8 Questions Were Worth $1 Million Each On "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." How Many Can You Answer?

Could you actually win a million dollars?

Below are eight questions that were worth at least $1 million on an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Good luck, and feel free to use your "phone a friend"!

  1. In the children’s book
    series, where is Paddington
    Bear originally from?

  2. Which of the following men
    does not have a chemical element
    named for him?

  3. In a popular video game, Ms.
    Pac-Man gobbles up pellets while
    pursued by four ghosts named Inky,
    Blinky, Pinky, and what?

  4. The US icon Uncle Sam was based
    on Samuel Wilson, who worked during
    the War of 1812 as a what?

  5. Which insect shorted out an
    early supercomputer and inspired
    the term "computer bug"?

  6. During WWII, US soldiers
    used the first commercial aerosol
    cans to hold what?

  7. In addition to his career as an
    astrologer and “prophet,” Nostradamus
    posted a 1555 treatise that included a
    section on what?

  8. Which Canadian hockey
    player was named the Stanley
    Cup MVP in 1964?