People Are Microwaving Pop-Tarts With The Foil Wrapper Still On Them

    I didn't know this needed saying.

    As you may or may not know, there are two Kellogg's-approved ways to heat up a Pop-Tart: in the toaster or in the microwave.

    What you absolutely shouldn't do to your Pop-Tart is this:

    Can you microwave a pop tart in the wrapper?

    Or this:

    Hey guess what you can't microwave the pop tart thing in case you were wondering

    Definitely not this:

    Forgot all about what happens if you put the pop tart wrapper in a microwave.. 😶😦

    I did not think we had to have this discussion!

    No one ever said not to put the pop tart wrapper in the microwave..... #oops

    Don't 👏 put 👏 packaged 👏 Pop-Tarts 👏 in 👏 the 👏 microwave 👏 !

    But my pop tart exploded inside my microwave and i ate it anyway

    Best-case scenario: You'll ruin your Pop-Tart.

    What happens when you put a pop-tart, with the wrapper still on, in the microwave for 1 second

    Worst-case: Your microwave literally explodes.

    I tell my sister to put a pop tart in the microwave for me and she brings me this...

    Don't believe me?

    The wrapper is made out of foil.

    My student thought it was a good idea to microwave a pop tart in its wrapper. This is our future.

    Foil is metal.

    That's what happens when you put a pop tart in the microwave

    And we don't put metal in microwaves!

    I put my pop tart in the microwave only to find out [within 2 seconds] it really doesn't like the microwave at all

    And FYI, the package even says to take the foil off before microwaving!

    Who would microwave a pop tart???

    And yet...

    what happens when @brittni_vonnn doesn't use common sense and puts a pop tart wrapped up in the microwave #winner

    I would literally prefer you do this than try to microwave a packaged Pop-Tart:

    I really wanted a pop tart but I don't have a toaster or microwave in my flat yet so I just kind of.. -Maddie

    I'm not mad, guys. Just disappointed.