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    Apple Never Had Robber Or Hiker Emojis — It's The Mandela Effect

    If Apple never made a hiker emoji, why do I know what he looks like?

    You know the robber emoji? Depending on your OS, it looks something like this:

    Apple emoji man dressed as a robber, running with a money bag
    BuzzFeed / Apple

    Yeah, the robber emoji never existed. I made that one in Photoshop using the runner and money bag emojis.


    But people online are absolutely convinced that there was a robber emoji on their phone keyboard.


    Reply to @heck.tiktok honestly screw the Mandela effect, I can’t sleep now #mandelaeffect #robberemoji

    ♬ original sound - ajleidig

    It seems like we're reaching full Mandela Effect conspiracy here.

    Some people also remember a zoomed-in emoji of his masked face holding a money bag, sort of like this guy:

    Detective emoji person holding a magnifying glass, shown from the shoulders up

    Again, that never existed. Plus, there are EVEN MORE emojis that seem to suddenly be missing. You remember the hiker emoji? No, you don't!

    @cassgoesfast / TikTok

    This one really tripped me up. Like, he looked like if this guy was an emoji, and I think he was wearing orange??

    Stick figure of a hiker wearing a backpack and using a walking stick.
    BuzzFeed / Getty Images

    But we all know there's an emoji of a pair of flip-flops that are sort of teal or turquoise, right? Wrong! False memory! Your brain is lying to you!

    TikTok comment: I swear there was a flip-flop emoji
    @luvfreddy / TikTok

    And people are still sharing nonexistent emojis they remember vividly, from igloos to water bottles.


    Maybe we're just remembering the icons from games like BitLife or we're imagining stick figures as emojis. Or maybe these emojis exist in an alternate timeline. What do you think? Are there any another emojis you swear you remember, but they don't exist?

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