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    16 Hilarious Tweets About That "I Can't" Scene From "Little Women"

    When people ask me to stop talking about Saoirse Ronan: I can't. I tried it, and I failed.

    Okay, so Little Women may have been snubbed at the Oscars, but at least it's killing it on Twitter. This scene where Jo March (played by Saoirse Ronan) rejects Laurie Laurence (played by Timothée Chalamet) has become a meme to capture all those "I can't. I tried it, and I failed" moments.

    greta gerwig attempting to make a film without saoirse or timothee

    Here are some of the best of those jokes:

    1. This Hairspray reference:

    Tracy Turnblad when she tries to stop the beat

    2. This writing dilemma:

    trying to write a sentence without an em dash

    3. This confession from a member of Blink-182:

    When people ask me to write a song without the lyric “She said...”

    4. This really accurate callout:

    martin scorsese attempting to make a film without de niro or dicaprio

    5. This perfect Great Gatsby joke:

    Gatsby when someone tells him to stop saying old sport so much

    6. This problem that anyone with taste has:

    trying not to talk about ratatouille for a day

    7. This very real issue that needs to be fixed:

    Amy Adams when we keep yelling at her to win her Oscar

    8. This New Year's resolution failure:

    when someone tells me to be nice to myself and implement positive self-talk

    9. This problem for anyone who likes to read but has a hard time, like, actually reading:

    you: how about you read the books you already own before you... buy more books? me:

    10. This coding struggle that I truly do not understand:

    Me trying to update a webpack config without googling

    11. This laundry struggle that I absolutely understand:

    when someone tells me I should just put my clothes away after I wear them instead of piling them on various pieces of furniture throughout the room

    12. This coffee enthusiast problem:

    me when someone suggests i simply take coffee cups out of my car when i’m done drinking them instead of letting my car become a giant trash can

    13. This painful conversation most single people have had:

    me to my coupled friends when they suggest I try meeting someone nice on dating apps:

    14. This Peppa problem:

    Peppa Pig trying to make a bad song

    15. This Kylie Minogue–exclusive issue:

    Kylie Minogue trying to get you out of her head

    16. And, finally, this specific yet somehow very relatable argument:

    Me in 2013 to my mom after she suggested finding a job on LinkedIn

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