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Here Are The Hardest Questions About Katara From "Avatar: The Last Airbender" — Can You Get All 10?

Obviously, all the best scenes are when Katara goes absolutely feral.

  1. Where is Katara from?

  2. What does Katara steal from some pirates?

  3. What's Katara's mother's name?

  4. How old is Katara when she finds Aang?

  5. Who made Katara's necklace?

  6. Which spirit does Katara NOT see in the show?

  7. What does Katara use to break the iceberg Aang is stuck in?

  8. Who killed Katara's mother?

  9. What's the secret to penguin sledding that Katara teaches to Aang?

  10. Who is Katara's campfire ghost story about?

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