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    Here Are 28 Pure And Funny Tweets I Found Specifically Because Hozier Liked Them

    Today, on "Hozier Liked"...

    You all know Hozier, the Irish indie rocker who stole our hearts with "Take Me to Church" back in 2013.


    What you might not know is that Hozier is also a prolific Twitter user — and his likes are SO good and SO relatable.


    "Today on Hozier liked" has even become a meme:

    angelsaxis / Tumblr / Via

    After extensive research, here are the highlights you have to see from his Twitter likes:


    I just saw some idiot at the gym put a water bottle in the pringles holder on the treadmill


    Catholics: why should we make you a Saint? Patrick: I uh... I got rid of all the snakes in Ireland Catholics: ... Ireland doesn't have snakes St. Patrick: *uncorking communion wine* ya ur fuckin welcome


    scientist (shows me photo of a raccoon eating garbage): please identify the animal in this picture me: big mood scientist (to soldier): tase him again


    [ orpheus on ellen ] ellen: so i heard you want to get your wife back from the underworld orpheus: omg you didn’t *eurydice comes out* orpheus: *turns around* *eurydice disappears*


    Me: I’ve been beset upon by a horrible malaise My body: You’re hungry Me: something has changed, inside I’m filled with naught but darkness Body: eat literally any food Me: will I ever know peace again?



    can’t believe smash mouth wrote “judging by the hole in the satellite picture, the ice we skate is getting pretty thin, the water's getting warm so you might as well swim” 20 full years ago and some people still aren’t taking climate change seriously


    as a woman, i want pictures of spiderman but would be seen as "too emotional" if i banged my fists on my desk and demanded them


    Does your child want a ball pit but you’re worried about all those garish primary colours interfering with your careful neutral aesthetic? Have we got a solution for you, you absolute psychopath


    My... My daughters built a slug hospital and found 30+ "patients" who are now escaping and nothing in the parenting books prepared me for this.


    I like when people say "oh that's a very drinkable wine". As oppose to all them solid wines


    (a) You could spend millions on targeted advertising, analytics, stats and data or (b)


    weird but in the end ok that i am the only person in the entire world who’s ever been through a breakup


    in who framed roger rabbit all the live action dudes get super horned up for the hot redhead cartoon lady but how would that even work? if they had kids would they be half-real-half-cartoon like some kind of weird monster? @touchstonepictures plz answer


    David: plays a secret chord The lord:


    finally someone is asking the tough questions


    it’s ok if no one “gets” you; do what’s right for you. avoid people who make you feel bad. entomb your enemy, alive, in a wine cellar. become a lighthouse keeper who guides phantom ships to the underworld. you do you.


    Fascinating Lore: Nintendo Revealed That The Reason Mario Always Comes Back To Life After He Dies Is Because Both Heaven And Hell Reject His Soul


    me making panini short to increase streams


    before memes, guys used to sit around in a circle and loudly quote Anchorman at each other for literal years


    DON DRAPER: What do Democratic voters want? They want clapback. They want “Yas Kween.” They want [unveils exclusive BOY BYE wallpaper] the tea, sis


    whatsapp voice memos: a daily outlet for my love of talking & fear of phone calls


    When my time comes, this is how I want to go


    it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that i am chemically dependent on spaghetti


    big shoutout to a real set of american heroes: independent computer repair shops. your signs featuring gateway 2000 desktops are faded and your office feels like a tsa holding room from a 1980’s airport, but you remain unbowed, unbroken. the spirit of a warrior


    but who will advocate the Non-essential oils?? the oils my body could not give a shit about either way


    This is Ace. His ear is standing up and it’s never done that before so he wanted to show you. 13/10 thank you Ace that is splendid

    28. And of course:

    Hozier *gets into Uber* Driver: lol I can guess where you want me to take you Hozier: Starbucks, please Driver *visibly disappointed* right

    Me thanking Hozier for sharing his Twitter likes, aka his deepest thoughts and feelings, with all of us: