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Here Are 60 Actual "Family Feud" Questions — Can You Get Even Half Of The Top Answers?

"Name a movie monster you think could take Dracula in a fight."

Each of these games is an actual question from Family Feud that has four to eight top answers. Once you start typing, you'll have three minutes to guess all the top answers to that question. Good luck, and ask your family if you need help!


1. "Name an animal that starts with the letter 'E.'"

2. "Name a word that rhymes with 'teeny.'"

3. "Name something that gets pumped up."

4. "Name something you do that rhymes with 'grow up.'"

5. "Fill in the blank: You're in deep ____?"

6. "Name something that's easier to catch than catching a man."

7. "Name something to which a lot of kids seem almost addicted."

8. "Name something in your refrigerator that you should thank a cow for."

9. "Name something people ride that causes them to throw up."

10. "Fill in the blank: I did everything for my guy and I never got a ____."

11. "Name something that drips."

12. "Name something kids just love to jump on."

13. "Name your favorite thing to do at parties."

14. "Give me a three-letter word that starts with the letter Z."

15. "Name something you'd do if your date took you to Chuck E. Cheese."

16. "Name something people say is on the house."

17. "Which of the seven dwarfs describes how you feel after a couple of drinks?"

18. "Fill in the blank: Hold the ____?"

19. "Roses are red. Violets are blue. What kind of flowers do cheap guys buy you?"

20. "Name a weather condition that would be a good name for a wrestler."

21. "Name a word that rhymes with 'will' that's associated with doctors."

22. "Name a place that's filled with people who don't want to be there."

23. "What would it be hard to do if you accidentally put on super glue instead of lipstick?"

24. "Name something specific you make sure to clean before company comes over."

25. "Name a movie monster you think could take Dracula in a fight."

26. "Name an office supply you'd use to pick food out of your teeth."

27. "Fill in the blank: In the bedroom, my husband's superhero name would be ____ Man."

28. "Name something that might be referred to as a dead end."

29. "Name something a husband might find all over the bed that makes him suspect his wife is having an affair with a baker."

30. "If Batman went broke, he just might have to sell his bat-what?"

31. "Name someplace a teenager complains about having to go."

32. "What's the most fun thing to do with another woman?"

33. "Name something specific that has a long neck."

34. "Name something that some people are afraid to ride on or in."

35. "Fill in the blank: Tongue ______."

36. "Name a way eggs are prepared that could also describe a person."

37. "Name something that has the word 'super' in it."

38. "Name something that comes in packs of six or twelve."

39. "Name a US city where lots of rich people live."

40. "If a man ran out of deodorant, name a fruit he might rub under his pits to hide the odor."

41. "Name a way your man is like a good cut of meat."

42. "Fill in the blank: Having a bird poop on you is bad, but imagine how much worse it would be if ______ could fly."

43. "Fill in the blank: Lady _____."

44. "What's something that can turn an ordinary bath into a romantic one?"

45. "Name a good place to go when you want to cry."

46. "If you ran your fingers through a man's hair, what would you hate to find in it?"

47. "Name something people deliver for a living."

48. "Name an animal that's easy to imitate in charades."

49. "Tell me something you have that has lasted longer than most of your relationships."

50. "Give me one word you'd use to describe the last kiss your man gave you."

51. "What US state do you think has the most beautiful women?"

52. "Name something that's cheap and greasy."

53. "Fill in the blank: My man is a love ____."

54. "Tell me something of yours that you swear is possessed."

55. "Name a kind of ball it might feel like a woman is pushing out when she gives birth."

56. "Name a word a dog understands."

57. "In one word, describe the underwear your man is wearing right now."

58. "Give me a phrase that starts with the words, 'Off the...'"

59. "Tell me a country where you think the men are sexier than American men."

60. "Name something you stuff just as full as you can get it."


Photo credit: ABC