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"Family Feud" Surveyed 100 Men For Each Of These Questions — Can You Guess What They Said?

Men get really honest on surveys, I guess.

Each of these games is an actual question from Family Feud where only men were surveyed. Each question has four to eight top answers. Once you start typing, you'll have three minutes to guess all the top answers for that question. Good luck!


Name something you do with your meat before you put it on the grill.

Name something you'd need to get if your new girlfriend wanted you to meet her folks.

Name something you'd like to borrow from Steve Harvey to impress the ladies.

Name a furry animal it feels like you're sleeping with when your wife doesn't shave her legs.

Fill in the blank: Someday, I'd like to be known as the world's greatest ____.

Name something your girlfriend starts talking about that makes you nervous.

In one word, describe your wife's personality using a weather condition.

Name a wild animal that reminds you of some wild women.

Who is the hottest woman in the world?

You're leaving the office and you remember it's your wife's birthday. Name something from the office you'd wrap up as a gift.