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What's A Cooking Tip Passed Down In Your Family That You Wish Everyone Knew?

I hope someone taught you how to chop an onion without crying.

With everyone stuck inside right now, a lot of people are cooking a lot more than usual. And some are doing better than others.

It's hard to learn how to cook on your own, especially because a lot of the best cooking tips and secrets are passed down through families and not posted on recipe blogs.

So I want to know what cooking tips you learned from your family that absolutely everyone should know before starting their chef journey.

Like maybe your dad taught you never to make a burrito or taco with a cold tortilla because it ruins the taste, texture, and sturdiness.

Maybe your mom revealed to you that no one really buys buttermilk because you can just use milk and vinegar.

Perhaps your grandma taught you the secret to baking the perfect loaf of bread. (Please tell me.)

Or maybe your aunt taught you this rule: Salt from your hand, not from a shaker.

Comment below with your favorite cooking tips you learned from your family. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!