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16 Times In 2019 That Tumblr Taught Us Some Weird Yet Interesting Facts

I wish I could forget reading about the Kentucky meat shower.

1. The role of Freud in modern psychology:

2. CIA activity in Cuba during the Cold War:

3. The Kentucky meat shower:

4. Marine biology and Spongebob Squarepants:

5. Swords that bleed:

6. The Greek god of wine in literature:

7. Mozart's childhood:

8. Michel Foucault and post-structuralism:

9. Some important details about the lost colony of Roanoke:

10. Flower crown–making:

11. Dave Matthews Band history:

12. The primary conflict of Frankenstein:

13. The origins of social norms:

14. The causes of the Potato Famine:

15. The dating preferences of famous writers:

16. And the basic principles of linguistics:

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