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    22 Unexpectedly Dramatic Scenes That I Refuse To Believe Are From Comedy Shows

    Michael J. Fox has been in a lot of sitcoms, but his dramatic acting is chilling.

    Recently, we rounded up the best dramatic scenes from comedy TV shows, and the BuzzFeed Community had even more to share. Here are the results:

    🚨 Warning: Spoilers ahead! Also, some submissions include topics of sexual assault and suicide. 🚨

    1. When Will on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air broke down after his father left him again.

    Will asking, "How come he don't want me, man?"

    2. On Futurama, when Fry decided not to clone his dog after finding out he lived 12 years after Fry's disappearance, assuming the dog had moved on. Then it was revealed to just the audience that the dog waited for Fry that whole time.

    Fry saying his dog forgot him a long time ago and the dog waiting outside the pizza shop until its death

    3. When Dr. Cox from Scrubs spent a whole episode talking to his best friend and joking about his son's birthday party, only for him to realize that his friend was dead and the party was a funeral.

    Doctor Cox joking about his son's birthday, and JD asking, "Where do you think we are?"

    4. On Derry Girls, when a heartwarming scene of the girls dancing with Orla at a talent show was interrupted by Erin's family learning about a deadly bombing as "Dreams" by the Cranberries played.

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    "I choke up every time."


    5. When Santana came out to her grandmother on Glee.

    Santana describing how she fought her feelings

    6. When Chandler from Friends talked about how good of a mother Monica already was to save their chances of adopting.

    Chandler saying, "She's a mother without a baby"

    7. When Pam ran through the airport to say goodbye to Michael on The Office, and he whispered something in her ear as they hugged.

    Pam running up to Michael at the airport and hugging him

    8. When Homer from The Simpsons found out his mother was alive, only for her to leave him shortly after.

    Homer telling his mom not to forget him and then waiting by his car, staring at the sky long after she's left

    9. When Howard found out on The Big Bang Theory that his mom died very suddenly while visiting his aunt.

    Howard saying that his mom took a nap and never woke up

    10. On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, when Rebecca took a whole bottle of pills on a plane.

    Rebecca taking pills and then telling a flight attendant, "I need help"

    11. When Ross begged for Rachel not to end their relationship on Friends.

    Ross crouching and hugging Rachel's knees and he talks about how he can't imagine life without her

    12. When Edith escaped a rapist on All in the Family, and Archie struggled to help her cope with the trauma.

    Archie leaning in to kiss Edith and Edith flinching and saying, "I'm still scared"

    13. On Community, when Abed showed Annie his Dreamatorium, where every simulation he'd run on the future revealed that he'd end up alone and unsuccessful as everyone got tired of him.

    Annie telling Abed that his simulations represent his anxieties, which everyone has

    14. When Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia came out to his dad through a powerful dance representing his own internal conflict.

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    "I kept waiting for a punchline, but instead it was just a really powerful moment where Mac described his struggle with his homosexual identity."


    15. On Scrubs, when surgeon Dr. Casey tried to hide the severity of his OCD, only for J.D. to find him repeatedly washing his hands after a stressful day.

    Doctor Casey having an emotional outburst of frustration

    16. On The IT Crowd, when Moss helped Roy get closure on his recently ended relationship by role-playing as his ex-girlfriend in a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

    Moss and Roy saying an emotional goodbye

    17. When Alex started abusing diet pills to study for his test on Family Ties, only to crash so hard that he slept through the test and missed out on a scholarship.

    Alex being frustrated and his dad telling him that speed will make you crash hard

    18. When Terry told the rest of the squad on Brooklyn Nine-Nine that he was arrested while in his own neighborhood just because he was Black.

    Terry saying, "I got stopped by a cop last night"

    19. When Julie from Julie and the Phantoms tried to help Luke's parents get closure after his death by showing them the song Luke wrote about regretting running away.

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    "I would have NEVER thought that this lighthearted show was going to make me cry SO MUCH."


    20. On Futurama, when Fry assumed his older brother stole his identity and lucky clover to become successful, only to realize that the Philip Fry he'd learned about was his nephew, who was named after him and given the clover as a family heirloom.

    Fry looking at the grave and realizing Philip Fry is his nephew

    21. When Elena from One Day at a Time said what she wished she could say to her dad after he finally decided to accept her being gay.

    Elena crying and saying, "The bigger person shouldn't have to be the kid"

    22. When Stevie performed an emotional and moving rendition of "Maybe This Time" on Schitt's Creek, inspired by the feeling that she was watching everyone move on "from behind the desk."

    Stevie singing "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret

    23. And when, after actor John Ritter's death, his character Paul from 8 Simple Rules died, and we saw the reactions of his whole family.

    Bridget saying, "He was supposed to be back, he was taking us to school"

    If you want to see more dramatic scenes from comedies, check out our last post! And if we missed your favorite scene, tell us about it in the comments below.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.