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Not Sure If You're A Millennial Or Gen Z'er? This Quiz Will Tell You With Absolute Certainty

There will be no gray area here.

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If you were born any time from the mid '90s to the early '00s, you're probably confused about which generation you belong to.


There are even terms like "cusper," "genzennial," and "zillennial" to refer to all the people somewhere in between Gen Z and Millennial.

But straddling the line is getting old. It's time to find out which generation you definitely, fully, 100% belong to once and for all:

  1. What's your sibling situation?

  2. Have you ever played games on a Nintendo 64 or PlayStation 1?

  3. Have you ever owned a cell phone with a T9 keyboard?

  4. Which digital pet did you love the most?

  5. Do you watch YouTube regularly?

  6. Do you remember the Beanie Baby craze and/or its aftermath?

  7. Which YA book series defined you the most?

  8. Have you used TikTok?

  9. Have you used dial-up internet?

  10. Finally, which of these Disney Channel original movies do you prefer?