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    23 Tumblr Posts That Hit Harder Than Ever A Year Into The Pandemic

    Let's just assume from now on that your emails find me experiencing deep existential dread.

    It's been a year since we officially entered a global pandemic, and people are still coping as best they can. Here are some Tumblr posts about the mood of the last year to provide some comic relief:

    1. This hostile energy:

    2. This mom who knows what the mood is:

    3. This summary of how quickly we all really upended the status quo:

    4. This video-call mood:

    5. This post that I deeply fear will come true:

    6. This post that I wish was more relatable because I would do anything to gather and talk at a local well right now:

    7. This last resort:

    8. This Good Place quote that pretty much sums up the news these days:

    9. And this other Good Place quote that hits too close to home:

    10. This upsettingly accurate meme:

    11. This reminder not to make fun of medieval medicine so much:

    12. This picture of all of us before getting groceries:

    13. This picture that I felt in my soul:

    14. This writing prompt I desperately need to come true:

    15. This thing we all get to have in common with Tolkien elves:

    16. This Community scene that captures all the people working from home who desperately need more human contact:

    17. This accurate picture of everyone working from home:

    18. This fun little comparison:

    19. This reminder to try again with those hobbies you said you'd pick up:

    20. This post that will help you relate more to Greek literature:

    21. This bizarrely relatable post:

    22. This great excuse for why we're not all living out the plot of The Mummy right now:

    23. And finally, this nostalgia that I never thought I'd be nostalgic for: