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    19 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Obsessed With Dungeons & Dragons

    Joe Manganiello kind of has his own dungeon.

    The fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons is seeing a strange revival in today's pop culture, encouraged by popular shows like Stranger Things and Critical Role.


    But even if it hasn't always been popular, D&D has actually been around since the '70s, and a lot of people, including celebrities, have picked it up sometime in the last 40+ years. Here are some of the celebrities that you probably didn't know have played Dungeons & Dragons:

    1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Geek & Sundry / YouTube

    JGL was a huge Magic: The Gathering fan as a kid, but he's actually been playing Dungeons & Dragons for even longer. It was his D&D group that introduced him to Magic, and he credits both games with helping him develop his creativity.

    2. Stephen Colbert

    Critical Role / YouTube

    Most people know that Stephen Colbert is a huge Tolkien fan, but he also played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons growing up, and he even got to meet Gary Gygax, the game's creator. He recently returned to D&D to play with Critical Role's Matthew Mercer for Red Nose Day.

    3. Anderson Cooper


    Speaking of Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper admitted on Colbert's show that he was a passionate D&D fan growing up. In fact, Cooper said he went into mourning when his elven thief character died.

    4. Joe Manganiello


    Not only does this Magic Mike star love Dungeons & Dragons, but he has a line of D&D merchandise called Death Saves and hosts games in his converted wine cellar that he calls the Gary Gygax Memorial Dungeon.

    5. Vin Diesel

    Geek & Sundry / YouTube

    Calling Vin Diesel a fan of Dungeons & Dragons is kind of an understatement. He wrote the foreword for 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons, and his movie The Last Witch Hunter is actually based on his own D&D character. Plus, he played a game with some of the cast of Critical Role all the way back in 2015 when the show had barely started.

    6. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who have been friends since they were kids, grew up playing D&D together.

    7. Rainn Wilson

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    As a kid, The Office star Rainn Wilson played Dungeons & Dragons, went to gaming conventions, and even did some live action role-playing.

    8. Dan Harmon

    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    The creator of Community and Rick and Morty has been playing Dungeons & Dragons since he was about 13, and he loves the game so much that he created the show HarmonQuest, which features players running a fantasy campaign in front of a live audience.

    9. Aubrey Plaza

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Aubrey Plaza guest starred on HarmonQuest as a gnome alchemist, but she also reportedly played Dungeons & Dragons with Dan Harmon even before the show.

    10. Taran Killam

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    Taran is pretty new to D&D, but Joe Manganiello helped him create his first character, and now he's a regular in the Gary Gygax Memorial Dungeon.

    11. Martin Starr

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    It kind of makes sense that this Freaks and Geeks and Silicon Valley star is a fan of Dungeons & Dragons. He also once said, "[N]erds rule the world, and D&D is making a big comeback — and I’m excited about it."

    12. Gerard Way

    Alexandre Schneider / Getty Images

    The My Chemical Romance singer and Umbrella Academy creator always plays a half-elven ranger, and he also once played D&D in a charity livestream.

    13. Patton Oswalt

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Patton Oswalt played first edition Dungeons & Dragons from sixth grade until college, and he eventually returned to the game as an adult by starting a group with his friends. He even tweeted a photo a few years back of his sixth grade D&D club yearbook photo.

    14. D.B. Weiss and David Benioff

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    The showrunners for Game of Thrones — often referred to as D&D, ironically enough — both happened to play Dungeons & Dragons while growing up, long before they met each other. They've both also said that the experience helped them as writers.

    15. Deborah Ann Woll

    Geek & Sundry / YouTube

    The Daredevil actress wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons for years, but she had a hard time finding people to play with until her manager offered to show her how to play. Now, she's known for roping fellow actors into D&D games on TV and movie sets, and she's the Dungeon Master on a web series called Relics and Rarities.

    16. Paul “The Big Show” Wight

    Dungeons & Dragons / YouTube

    WWE's “The Big Show” has played Dungeons & Dragons since he was a kid. He plays regularly in the Gary Gygax Memorial Dungeon and also participated in a D&D livestream called "Jocks Machina" with Joe Manganiello, Travis Willingham, and Ron Mathews

    17. Jon Favreau

    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    This director has credited both improv comedy and his childhood love of Dungeons & Dragons with teaching him how to build worlds for movies like Iron Man and the live-action Lion King.

    18. Terry Crews

    Nerdist / YouTube

    It seems Terry Crews played Dungeons & Dragons for the first time in an episode of CelebriD&D that he guest starred in, but he threw himself enthusiastically into his character and even gave the other players chills with his final speech.

    19. Tim Duncan

    Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

    You probably know Tim Duncan from his incredible basketball career with the San Antonio Spurs as both a player and now a coach. But he's also a pretty big nerd. He has a tattoo of Merlin, named his daughter Quill after the Guardians of the Galaxy character, and of course, is a huge fan of D&D.

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