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    23 "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Tumblr Posts That Are Almost As Good As The Elevator Scene

    Steve almost immediately trusted Sam with his life, and you know what? Same.

    1. This very good point and an even better suggestion:

    2. This super accurate read:

    3. This schedule that's definitely written in Steve Rogers' little notebook:

    4. The revelation that Steve definitely went 300 miles out of his way to hang out with Sam:

    5. This real life surprised Pikachu moment:

    6. This footage of me quoting that flashback scene and trying not to cry:

    7. The moment we all fell in love with Sam Wilson:

    8. This summary that makes you realize how fast everyone falls for Sam:

    9. This terrible joke that I wish I'd made first:

    10. This dynamic between Sam and Bucky that could have been great if Civil War hadn't ruined it:

    11. This re-creation of the entirety of Winter Soldier:

    12. This pep talk:

    13. This joke that actually hurts a little:

    14. This detail that is simultaneously so bad and so, so good:

    15. This implication that I wish I could stop thinking about:

    16. This reminder that Steve is the most dramatic person ever:

    17. This moment that we all react to in the same way:

    18. This twist that would have also made a great movie:

    19. This film analysis that absolutely checks out:

    20. This Captain America and Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover I didn't know I needed:

    21. And this Captain America and Parks and Recreation crossover that we all needed:

    22. This accurate summary of the movie:

    23. And finally, the reaction we all have when someone calls Bucky a villain: