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    26 2000s It Girls In The 2000s Vs. Now

    The 2000s are back, and our 2000s queens are thriving.

    1. Lindsay Lohan in the 2000s:

    lindsay wearing low-rise jeans and a skinny scarf with a tank top

    Lindsay Lohan now:

    closeup of lindsay smiling while wearing a dress

    2. Britney Spears in the 2000s:

    britney in a music video

    Britney Spears now:

    3. Paris Hilton in the 2000s:

    paris wearing arm warmers and a tank top

    Paris Hilton now:

    closeup of paris in a sparkly dress

    4. Hilary Duff in the 2000s:

    hilary wearing low-rise jeans and a fuzzy-trimmed coat

    Hilary Duff now:

    5. Lauren Conrad in the 2000s:

    closeup of lauren smiling

    Lauren Conrad now:

    lauren with leather jacket draped over her arms

    6. Jennifer Lopez in the 2000s:

    j.lo with a side pony and knit hat

    Jennifer Lopez now:

    jlo in a mesh dress

    7. Beyoncé in the 2000s:

    beyonce in a denim top

    Beyoncé now:

    beyonce in a dress while performing on stage

    8. Avril Lavigne in the 2000s:

    avril posing with her fist out in a punch on the red carpet

    Avril Lavigne now:

    avril with her hands in her hoodie

    9. Megan Fox in the 2000s:

    closeup of megan smiling

    Megan Fox now:

    closeup of megan in a fishnet dress

    10. Nicole Richie in the 2000s:

    nicole in a sparkly top

    Nicole Richie now:

    closeup of nicole in a sparkly set piece

    11. Brandy in the 2000s:

    closeup of brandy smiling at an event

    Brandy now:

    brandy holding a stella rosa bottle

    12. Raven-Symoné in the 2000s:

    raven sitting behind a table

    Raven-Symoné now (with her wife):

    closeup of raven with a buzz cut

    13. Christina Aguilera in the 2000s:

    christina with crimped hair wearing a tied blouse and low-rise skirt

    Christina Aguilera now:

    christina in a sleek dress on the red carpet

    14. Mischa Barton in the 2000s:

    mischa in jeans and jacket

    Mischa Barton now:

    closeup of mischa

    15. Liv Tyler in the 2000s:

    closeup of liv

    Liv Tyler now:

    liv smiling with bangs and wearing a matching suit

    16. Tara Reid in the 2000s:

    closeup of tara

    Tara Reid now:

    17. Rachel Bilson in the 2000s:

    rachel in low rise jeans

    Rachel Bilson now:

    18. Halle Berry in the 2000s:

    closeup of halle with long hair

    Halle Berry now:

    halle holding an award with her hair cut short

    19. Nicole Scherzinger in the 2000s:

    closeup of nicole

    Nicole Scherzinger now:

    closeup of nicole in a leather outfit

    20. Keira Knightley in the 2000s:

    closeup of keira with bangs

    Keira Knightley now:

    closeup of keira with short hair parted in the middle

    21. Kelly Rowland in the 2000s:

    kelly wearing a beret

    Kelly Rowland now:

    kelly wearing long leather gloves with her hair cut in a short sleek bob

    22. Ashlee Simpson in the 2000s:

    ashlee with long side swept bangs

    Ashlee Simpson now:

    ashlee in jeans and long coat and fur hat

    23. Gabrielle Union in the 2000s:

    closeup of gabrielle

    Gabrielle Union now:

    gabrielle in a sparkly dress and short hair

    24. Michelle Williams in the 2000s:

    michelle with side swept bangs

    Michelle Williams now:

    michelle at an event

    25. Jessica Simpson in the 2000s:

    closeup of jessica smiling

    Jessica Simpson now:

    jessica with her hands on her hips wearing a suit

    26. And last but not least, Sarah Michelle Gellar in the 2000s:

    closeup of sara smiling

    Sarah Michelle Gellar now:

    closeup of sarah with a mic in her hands